Green Belt Certification - Lean Six Sigma

Green Belt is a second level belt of six sigma family and the most exceptional level affirmation. The Green Belt holders are experts who are relied upon to function as a six sigma venture proprietor or pioneer and guide and coach Yellow belt holders under them. A Green Belt ought to show group initiative, change management, comprehend group elements, and dole out colleague jobs and duties regarding finishing the six sigma projects.

We train and certify almost 2000+ professionals every quarter for six sigma certification at various levels. Our students come from fortune 500 companies and almost all mid-size and MNCs have our certified candidates available.

IMC Institute Six Sigma Certification is number 1 for Lean Six Sigma Green Belt in many ways

  1. We offer the most advanced training by some industry best practitioners and Master Black Belt Trainers. Our workshop is delivered by experts with 30 years of work experience. We revise and update our curriculum every year to suit the latest industry requirements.
  2. We train the largest number of Green Belts, Black Belts in Public and Corporate programs (1800+ every year). The large network of ISEL GLOBAL Six Sigma trained business excellence professionals has now crossed 65000+. You can find an ISEL Six Sigma certified professional in every large company in India.
  3. We are a community. Our portfolio of certification ranging from Agile, Quality, Lean, IT, Project Management, Data Science, and Business is available to ISEL members free of cost for learning.
  4. We get the largest number of hiring requests in this community as generated from within our network, several of them are fulfilled indirectly through our forum.
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Nov 2020, Workshop Simulation and Result:

We concluded our last program in which our participants simulated a live process and observed that there is 24% variability between teams when using the same resources. With tactical changes (iteration) process performance improved by over 50% and +130% improvement when the process was re-engineered (symbolic investment). 8X improvement in customer experience and TAT improvement was evident. All on simulation of the actual process by participants. No laptops or projector but concepts are bonded into story relayed on the whiteboard along with experiential case examples making it simper for participants to understand.

An organization with our interventions, achieve transformation balance through a 2 step approach:

  1. Achieve 15% improvement in 6 weeks by eliminating waste (Lean before Automation) & Improving Daily work management (15 X 6 Initiative)
  2. Achieve Multifold transformation – Next level of improvement with or without Automation
LSSGB Alumni Speak

IMC Programs has enabled 5000+ individuals through its unique interventions and now we have added 15X6 initiative to the program to enable select participants to achieve the desired transformation through:

  1. Post-program weekly group coaching calls to review progress, guide and remove barriers
  2. One on one session to support analysis and accelerate progress
  3. What’s app support – unlimited for 6 weeks.

Six Sigma Green Belt Nov. Batch Participants Attendance Sheet:

Name Designation Organization Location
Thamizh Selvan Production Manager Gulf Pharmaceutical Industries UAE
Abhi George Paul Seller Partner Support Associate Amazon India
Shubham M Sourcing Analyst GEP Worldwide India
Ramkishan Kema Senior Architect Brilnx India
Dillibabu Thiagarajan Specialist Home India
May Estacio Binongcal Quality & Patient Safety Specialist Al Salam Specialist Hospital UAE
Eric A Seballos Jr Director of Quality & Safety Libanet KSA LTD Saudi Arabia
Bandar Abdullah Alqahtani Process Control System Tech Team Leader Saudi Aramco Saudi Arabia
Mangesh Ubale Assistant Intas Pharmaceuticals India
Sathyajith Kp Manager Kintetsu World Express UAE
Ronilo Lapatis Project Manager BLB Corporation Philippine
Santosh Kumar Odugu Senior Engineer Amararaja Batteries Limited India
Mohammed Said Hassan ----- ----- -----
Ajeet Singh Patel QC Packaging India
Krishna Kishore Head HR Safran India
Sanbaz Akhtar Store Manager Reliance Retail India

Global recognition for Your Green Belt, Black Belt, and Master Black Belt Certification.

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The unique methodology for training and project support is something which differentiates IMC from other training institutes. We train you on the basis of our experience which we have gained from the Six Sigma Consulting we do for our clients. We help you understand the actual challenges faced and how to overcome them while running a Six Sigma Lean project. We are the most loved and recommended institution on FACEBOOK

LSSGB Alumni Speak

Participants Success Stories and Reviews

We train the largest number of Green Belts, Black Belts in Public and Corporate programs (1800+ every year). The large network of IMC Six Sigma trained business excellence professionals has now crossed 65000+. You can find an IMC Six Sigma certified professional in every large company in India

Green Belt holders are capable of six sigma DMAIC system, DEFINE | MEASURE | ANALYZE | IMPROVE | CONTROL and work under the supervision of Master Black Belt Holders.

  1. Learn Lean Six Sigma Green Belt via the most advance and effective learning methodology.
  2. Live Instructor-Led Six Sigma Green Belt Training with live projects and 24*7 learning support.
  3. Learn high-level Data Analysis, DFSS, and Change Management with MINITAB PRO Simulations.
  4. The training is delivered by Master Black Belt experts with case studies and projects.
LSSGB Alumni Speak
LSSGB Alumni Speak
LSSGB Alumni Speak

Past Events

9 Nov 2020 - 08:30
Green Belt Certification - Lean Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt (LSSGB)

9 Nov 2020 - 08:00
Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt (LSSBB)

19 Dec 2020 - 11:00 AM
Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt (LSSBB)

Reviews & Success Stories

Instructors shared significant experiences that would definitely be useful in actual practice: Rose was very helpful in my Lean Six Sigma journey with IMC. Right from the get-go, she provided timely and proper assistance. I would love to continue working on the Master Black Belt path with her as my counsellor once more.

Federick Lim Peritoa
Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certified

Six Sigma Green Belt at IMC because it is undoubtedly globally recognized and I would like to be one of its numerous graduates who have gained more knowledge and developed their full capabilities. I believe that this course have given me the best preparation and skill in my profession as Project Managament and future career development.Many thanks to IMC and to Ms. Hema for the support all through out the course. Looking forward to becoming PMP Certified.

Jennifer Mendoza
Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certified

Trainer provided clear, concise, and straightforward presentations. She provided practical explanations of various topics and concepts. She has utilized her experience and expertise to add value to the course. Hema and Grace are both responsive, accommodating, and helpful. They have provided excellent customer service and ensure that the client’s concerns are being addressed in a timely manner. Grace has been particularly helpful when I was following up on my access for the examination. She went extra mile and responded to my queries even during wee hours. I’m thankful for her assistance and it has increased my confidence in taking the test.

Jane Ponce De Leon-Yu
Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certified

Perfect program contains alot of knowledge which will reflect on mu skills and career path as i am working on facility management field which require these kind of techniques for problem solving and quality improvement. Perfect ,high cooperative, special thanks to Hema.

Haytham Mahmoud Elakkad
Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certified

The program is flexible that allows you do the program at your own pace, with a given duration. All the materials and the Trainer were very helpful in the entire journey. Its not just pure lecture but with samples that allows interaction to further the learning and understanding of the topic/lessonMy Counsellor, Rose, was very supportive since Day 1. Making sure that I am on track with the program/lessons that I need to attend to. She makes sure that I get the right assistance whenever necessary.

Maria Elena S. Maravil
Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certified

My overall feedback on the program is good, the customer support is always guiding you regarding on the program, however I hope they will a make a sample test like simulation test same with the actual PMP exam for us to master the question and be more prepare. The trainer is good he always answer and explained well whenever you had questions and I hope next time the class will be more earlier. Thank you!

Kyle Cruz Alejandro
PMP Certification Training

I Rahil Panchal, would like to take this opportunity as to thank the IMC staff for keeping up with me LSSBB course during this time of a pandemic , the kind of hard work lecturer (Mr. Shiven) putting into their virtual class really show how dedicated and inclined he is towards shaping a better knowledge in attendees head.I really would like to appreciate Ms. Kritika Yadav sweating hard to assisting with an inclusive responses.Hence, I would conclude by saying a big thank you to the whole team working this hard and making commendable milestone.

Rahil Panchal
Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certified

The program is excellent, not only because it is self-paced but also there are concrete examples given in every topic and my counsellor, Rose de Luna, helped in reminding me to finish the program.

Alec Steven Ardan
Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certified

The lessons were clearly explained and instructors are very open to questions. My counselor is very approachable and she was able to respond quickly. I appreciate all of her help.

Lorenzo Zuriel Reybuenan
Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certified

Clear comprehensive study material with industrial practical examples. Vaibhav is brilliant in customer management and listens to the requirements and clearly talks with facts and real solutions.

Padam Dev Singh
Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certified

Although the program is good and informative and also the trainer explained well ensuring we understand the course with the available time. It is better if the schedule is planned with enough time so the trainer doesn't rush in completing the course within the stipulated time frame.Coordination between trainer and arranging the schedules or class is good with efficient communication. As a note of improvement it is better to communicate with clients based on their time zones instead of IST timing although the trainer is from India which makes things very easy for communication and to avoid misunderstanding.

Gunnam Sudhakar
Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certified

I appreciate attending this program. It widens my perspective and is pragmatic in nature. This will help me improve the system in our organization. Thank you very much!

Joseph Cyrus Santalisis
Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certified

I had an excellent training experince, real life application with clear and fun learning discussions in class. I surely am glad that I took these trainings and certification with your amazing company. Special thanks to our trainer Mr. Prasaad.Service is wonderful. Response is quick and would always make sure I undertsand the full content of the answers I needed. Great works!

Lyrrah Mae Tinambacan Lequin
PMP Certification Training
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