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SAFe for Government.

SAFe for Government is a tailored version of the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) designed to meet the unique needs of public sector organizations. It aims to enhance efficiency, collaboration, and agility within government agencies by implementing lean-agile principles and practices. SAFe for Government addresses challenges such as complex procurement processes, compliance requirements, and legacy systems. It promotes a culture of continuous improvement, faster delivery of value, and better alignment with mission objectives. By adopting SAFe for Government, agencies can improve responsiveness to changing demands, enhance transparency, and foster innovation, ultimately delivering higher quality services to the public.

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What's Included in SAFe for Government

  • Tailor-made and personalized learning program according to current industry
  • Live Instructor-Led & Self-Paced Learning options
  • Schedule training sessions according to your calendar
  • Direct project coaching and support
  • Comprehensive curriculum curated by industry advisors
  • Direct 24 hours service & support

More government agencies are adopting Lean-Agile practices to generate better results for stakeholders, including government and military personnel, contractors, and civilians. But how do you overcome legacy governance, contracting, and organizational barriers? How do you adapt private sector success patterns to the government context to deliver value faster? In the SAFe® for Government course, you'll learn how to apply Lean-Agile and SAFe practices in a government organization so you can deliver projects with speed and quality. Improve collaboration with teams and stakeholders, mitigate risk, and efficiently use taxpayer money.

What's included:

  • Course workbook and SAFe Studio™ access to help prepare you to take the certification exam, claim their digital badge, and tools to get started in your SAFe role
  • One-year membership to SAFe Studio with your first class attendance
  • Platform access to e-learning modules and curated members-only content to support your SAFe transformation
  • Member discussion forms to engage in ongoing conversations on the SAFe framework or how to better perform as part of an Agile Team
  • Curated content-playlists based on your interests and roles, including templated resources and facilitation guides to get you started
  • Access to content, tools, and resources you need to practice SAFe every day
  • SAFe for Government certification exam

What you'll learn

  • How to apply Lean, Agile, and DevOps principles and practices in traditional government organizations and cultures
  • How to adapt technology strategy, budgeting and forecasting, acquisition, compliance, and governance practices to flow-based practices using emerging government guidelines
  • How to organize government programs into Agile Release Trains (ARTs) and execute in program increments (PIs), even in remote environments with distributed teams
  • How to build an action plan to begin or accelerate a SAFe implementation in your program or agency

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