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SQL Essentials Training & Certification.

Knowing how to code and manage relational databases and database-driven applications is a valuable skill for any career in tech. SQL Essentials Training is designed to help users understand the most common language for database wrangling, SQL.

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Course Curriculum

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Why Software Testing?

There is so much information around today and there has to be efficient mechanism in place to manage the huge volume of data. This is where relational database management systems -RDBMS comes in handy. An RDBMS is used to manage databases. When you enroll for the SQL training in the UAE, you get to learn all you need to be an expert in this field.

What is a database? This is where information or data is stored. Databases actually stored information or data inside tables which in turn consists of columns and rows just like an excel spreadsheet. The columns represents the data fields for example LastName while the rows represents individual records like Anderson. Database administrators or data analyst need to interact with the data from the database from time to time and the way they do that is by using SQL.

What is SQL - It stands for structural query language. It is an internationally used language used to manipulate databases.

Who should go for the SQL essentials training?

SQL skills are highly sought after in web development, programming, data analysis and reporting environments. Learn how to write SQL (Structured Query Language) using Microsoft's SQL Server Management Studio from scratch with SQL essentials certification in the UAE course.

About the course

Learn how to write SQL (Structured Query Language) from scratch with SQL Essentials training course. This course will easily step you through writing SQL using Microsoft's SQL Server Management Studio. SQL allows you to retrieve, sort, filter, group, aggregate and calculate data stored in a SQL Server database. This course is designed for people wanting to learn how to interrogate data from a relational database, how to manipulate this data (Insert, update, and delete records).

Although we use SQL Server to interrogate data throughout this course, SQL is a common language easily adapted to other RDBMS (relational database management systems) such as MySQL, IBM DB2, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Ingres, Sybase and Microsoft Access.

The objectives of this course

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Define RDBMS and three normalization forms
  • Using DDL Statements to Create and Manage Tables
  • Manipulating Data Using DML
  • Retrieving Data Using the SQL Select Statement
  • Restricting and Sorting Data
  • Displaying Data from Multiple Tables
  • Using the built-in functions.

Why Learn SQL?

Nowadays, information is gathered from a variety of root, and the information is of great value to organizations. However, with an increasing amount of data comes the need for a database that can encrypt information for retrieval and analysis by the trained specialist. Thus, proper data analysis is in high demand in our digital world. Therefore, there is an increasing demand for certified individuals who complete the SQL essentials training in the UAE.

A relational database, which logically group information into chunks, are basically used to store and organize large amounts of data. Of course, if you’re looking to retrieve any kind of information from a database, you need to speak its oral communication! The most widely used speech communication for interacting with the database is SQL (Structured Query Language), the amber standard of relational databases.

SQL queries, which are essentially requests or instructions that you send to a database, allow you to retrieve information and update, insert, or delete data. SQL is mainly associated with the IT sector and is an everyday instrument for database administrators. Developers use SQL to write an application that requires database connector, and systems architects use it to design database models. All of this mean value that encyclopedic SQL is a great choice for anyone who would like to pursue a career in IT.

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