The Project Management Professional (PMP) certification is considered the gold standard in project management credentials globally. As more organizations in India adopt project management practices, demand for skilled project managers is growing rapidly. This has made PMP certification highly sought-after by professionals looking to advance their careers and remain competitive in the job market.

However, one key concern that deters many Indian professionals is - how much does it cost to obtain PMP certification in India? With exam fees, training costs, and other expenses, the total investment required is not insignificant. In this blog post, we will analyze the complete PMP certification cost in India by looking at the key components:

  • PMP exam fees set by PMI India
  • PMI membership costs
  • PMP exam prep training costs
  • Additional costs to factor in

By breaking down the pricing for each element, you will get a true picture of the total investment required for PMP certification in the Indian context. Whether you are an experienced project manager or just starting out, understanding PMP Certification costs is essential to budgeting and planning out this important career move.

The Project Management Professional (PMP) certification is one of the most prestigious and globally recognized project management certifications. As project management continues to grow in demand in India, many professionals are considering obtaining their PMP credential. However, the costs and fees associated with PMP certification can be a deterrent. In this article, we break down the current PMP Certification cost and exam fees for Indian residents.

PMP Exam Fee

The PMP exam fee is $405 for PMI members and $555 for non-members. These are the costs as set by PMI globally. However, when registering for the exam through the PMI India chapter, Indian residents can take advantage of a reduced exam fee of ₹22,000 for members and ₹30,000 for non-members.

PMP Membership Fees

To qualify for the member exam fee, you must be a member of PMI India. Membership fees are ₹5,500 annually. Over a 3 year certification cycle, this equates to ₹16,500 in membership fees to maintain the PMP credential.

PMP Training Costs

While not mandatory, most PMP applicants take a PMP training course to prepare for the exam. PMP training costs range from ₹10,000-50,000 depending on the type of course. Self-study options are the most affordable but classroom and live online courses provide more structure.

Overall PMP Certification Cost

When you add up the exam, membership and training costs, the total PMP certification cost in India ranges from ₹35,000-85,000. While not insignificant, the benefits of PMP certification generally outweigh the costs for most project management professionals in India.

Things to Consider

  • When budgeting for your PMP, consider these tips:
  • Take advantage of early bird discounts on exam fees
  • Use coupon codes for PMP training courses
  • Share PMP exam prep materials with study groups
  • Renew PMI membership only when needing to take the PMP exam

With proper planning, you can minimize the overall investment required to obtain your PMP certification in India. The payoff of improved job prospects and earning potential makes PMP worth the cost for most project managers' careers.

PMP Certification in India:

Exam, Fees, Cost and Requirements in 2023 The Project Management Professional (PMP) certification offered by the Project Management Institute (PMI) is the gold standard for project managers globally. In India, PMP certified project managers earn 25-30% higher salaries on average versus those without the credential. But what are the steps, costs and requirements to obtain PMP certification in India?

PMP Exam Fees in India

The PMP exam fee is:

₹22,000 for PMI India members ₹30,000 for non-members This discounted pricing makes PMP more affordable for project managers in India compared to other countries.

PMP Exam Requirements

  • To be eligible for the PMP exam in India, you must have:
  • Secondary degree (high school diploma or global equivalent)
  • Minimum 3 years/36 months of project management experience
  • Minimum 35 hours of project management education
  • PMI offers flexible options to meet the experience and education requirements.

PMP Membership Cost

PMI membership is required to get the member pricing on exam fees. Annual membership costs ₹5,500 per year. Over a 3-year certification cycle, expect around ₹16,500 in membership fees.

PMP Training Costs

PMP exam prep courses range from ₹10,000-50,000. Self-study options are cheaper but classroom/online courses provide structure.

Overall Costs

With exam fees, membership, and training, the total cost for PMP certification in India generally ranges from ₹35,000-85,000.

Is PMP Worth the Investment in India?

PMP certified project managers in India earn 25-30% higher pay on average. The credential signals your expertise and can give a boost to your project management career. While requiring an upfront investment, for most practitioners, PMP Certification pays for itself in less than 1-2 years through increased salaries.

By understanding the exam fees, membership costs, and certification requirements, you can budget and plan for earning your PMP credential in India.


While requiring a reasonable investment, the costs of obtaining the PMP credential in India can certainly pay off in the long run through bigger salaries, better job opportunities, and elevated status as a project management practitioner. By planning and utilizing available discounts, most professionals find PMP certification costs worth the career benefits and return on investment in the 1-2 year timeframe. Remember, the key costs elements are:

PMP exam fees (discounted in India) PMI annual membership PMP training Study materials and prep resources With strategic budgeting and wise use of early bird registrations, group discounts, and other savings, you can minimize the total PMP certification cost. Weigh the value of PMP to your career goals in India. For most professionals, the boost in salary potential and demand for their skills makes the investment in PMP Certification completely justified.