Are you a professional in Qatar aiming to propel your career in the dynamic field of supply chain management? Discover the strategic and comprehensive Supply Chain Management certification offered by IMC Institute, designed to empower logistics and supply chain professionals to reach new heights.

Navigating Senior Management Levels

Our Supply Chain Management certification caters to logistics and supply chain professionals seeking senior management roles. This two-step qualification focuses on strategic aspects, providing insights into logistics, procurement, warehouse management, shipping, production, and distribution methods.

Elevate Your Career with Strategic Knowledge

Gain expertise in:

  • Fundamental principles of Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • Evolution of Supply Chain
  • Stakeholders and Objectives in Supply Chain Management
  • Demand Planning, Forecasting Techniques, and Accuracy Models
  • Procurement Processes, Sourcing, and Negotiation
  • Transportation Planning, Modes, and Cost Optimization
  • Warehouse Strategies, Design, Automation, and Material Handling
  • Inventory Management, Costing Techniques, and INCOTERMS 2020
  • Supply Chain Strategies, Coordination, and Risk Management
  • Sustainability, Green Supply Chain, and Reverse Logistics
  • Quality Concepts, Six Sigma, Lean, and Emerging Technologies

Strategic Career Advancements

Certified professionals in Qatar can transition from managerial roles to enterprise heads, general managers, and leaders in the global logistics industry. The certification not only opens doors to senior management positions but also enhances earning potential in the trillion-dollar logistics industry.

Why IMC Institute?

Accreditation and Recognition: Our SCM certification program is accredited by CPD London, ensuring quality and credibility.

Relevant Curriculum: Aligned with industry standards, covering the latest trends, tools, and practices in supply chain management.

Expert Faculty: Learn from industry experts with practical insights and real-world experiences.

Flexibility and Accessibility: Choose from flexible delivery options, including online learning, catering to your convenience.

Networking Opportunities: Gain valuable connections with industry professionals, mentors, and potential employers.

Certification Training for Individuals and Teams

Explore live virtual instructor-led corporate training programs customized for enterprise teams in Qatar. Our expert certified trainers provide lifetime LMS access and deliver sessions across continents, ensuring your teams meet industry standards.

Future of Six Sigma in Qatar's Industries

Discover the pivotal role of Six Sigma in improving quality, efficiency, and profitability in Qatar's industries. As the landscape evolves, Six Sigma certification becomes essential for companies looking to stay ahead of the competition.


Investing in a Supply Chain Management certification from IMC Institute is a strategic decision for professionals in Qatar. With a commitment to quality education, global recognition, and industry expert faculty, certified individuals are well-positioned for career growth, increased earning potential, and success in the dynamic field of supply chain management. Join IMC Institute to elevate your career and contribute to the advancement of supply chain practices in Qatar. Ready to embark on your journey to supply chain excellence in Qatar? Enroll in our Supply Chain Management certification program today!